Air slide fabric, Non wove air slide felt

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  • Air slide fabric/belt, non woven air slide felt

    usage: used in Pneumatic Conveying, transport powdered materials such as: cement transport chute, aluminum hydride and aluminum ultra-dense phase transport chute, dust removal equipment, fly ash transport chute, cement, aluminum hydride Tankers, all of the mixing base transport equipment, bulk cement truck, bulk cement ship and power plant desulfurization, increase strength, aluminum and other ultra-dense phase conveying.


    Air slide canvass are made of polyester and aramide. Polyester is naturally delivered with welded/cut edges, whereas the edges of the aramide fabric are sealed by a heat-resistant impregnation. These are available in various weavings, thickness and in the air permeability needed for use. Polyester could also be made anti-static.


    Circular woven / tubular fabric

    They are made from polyester multifilament and spun.

    Material structure:
    high tenacity polyester yarn, circular woven in plain weave,

    We can process that one side polyurethane-coating, for maximum air permeability on the uncoated side.

    Specially designed for good air transport and filter.

    Max length 500 m (1650 ft.), flat Diameter 50-130mm
    industry, agriculture, fluidizing and aeration of bulk powders, tubular filter.
    One application, circular woven / tubular fabric is applicable to large-tonnage bulk cement tank trucks and varieties of fixed bulk cement tanks, its characteristic is no air cell by large capacity, high speed in discharging ash, and high efficiency, it can improve the economic performance of bulk cement tank trucks.

    Another application, Circular woven / tubular fabric is applicable to tubular filter surface to filter product.


    Canvas clearing lump

    our company developed this products according to the advantages of sample products from Bullet company of Switzerland, Simon company of Britain and Oaklim Company of Italy, the products is unique domestically, and its thickness, hardness, and duration have surpassed that of same products from foreign countries, now more than 1000 domestic flour mills have used this product in their high square screening machines.


    Our multi-layer, single-weft fabric, high-strength cotton woven conveyor belt, CONVERYOR BELTS is a basic automatic corrugator machine component. The various physical properties of this belt such as its tensile strength, high surface layer temperature resistance up to 230 deg.C, air permeability and other technical indexes, all meet the technical standards set forth internationally.


    SPECIAL NEEDLE BELT is a specialized cardboard conveyor belt. Its main material is polyester (PET-) fiber with thickness 9 mm, width (1400-2300)mm, weight 5Kg/m sq.,air permeability 2.05 m squ/mm Sq./min(40mm H20).,and tensile strength 57Mpa,After the fiber falls into pattern at elevated temperature, its geometric size is stable.