Polyester Spiral Belt

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  • Polyester Spiral Belt / Polyester Spiral Mesh / Polyester Spiral Fabric / Polyester Dryer Mesh

    We produce polyester spiral belt made from first-class monofilament, in reference to Finland Standard, has the characteristics of stable property and long work time.

    Advantages of Polyester Spiral Belt :

    Flat surface, not easily cracked

    Good air permeability

    Stable property against heat and moisture

    Low thermal shrinking

    Less elongation at heat

    Long lifespan

    Application of Our Polyester dryer belt Products

    Polyester Spiral Desiccation Mesh is widely used in producing of paper, corrugated paper, paper for train fare, also used in filtration and sieving in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, mine, metallurgy, machinery, airspace and other fields.

    Major Use of polyester spiral belt:

    Producing of paper, corrugated paper, paper for train fare.

    iltration and separation of air, liquid and solid in various fields