Filter Press Belt

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  • Ou Filter Technology are able to offer many new and innovative fabric designs for filtration belts. With increased strength, stability, chemical resistance and cake release properties, Ou Filter Technology's belts are suitable for both pressure filters and belt presses.

    Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters

    Ou Filter Technology's horizontal vacuum belt filter range can be supplied in widths of up to 4.65 metres. These belts are available in either seamless with exclusive mechanical joints or woven endless. Common applications include:

    • Coal de-watering
    • Sugar mud de-watering
    • Mineral Concentrates

    Belt Press Filters (multi-roll)

    Ou Filter Technology have a comprehensive range of woven and Spiral Link fabrics for belt presses.

    These belts are commonly used in the following applications:

    • Coal de-watering
    • Waste water treatment -activated and digested sludge.
    • Heavy metal removal

    Vertical Automatic Pressure Filters

    Ou Filter Technology can also supply special vertical pressure filter belts (eg. Larox and Hoechst) which are dimensionally and mechanically stable to continually produce high tonnage. Applications include:

    • Mineral concentrate de-watering
    • Metal Purification
    • Sugar Mud and starch duties
    • Activated Sludge